Are your Business Practices Ruining Relationships with Customers?

Connecting with your niche audience is very important. That is how you find your first time buyers. Yet you have to make an effort to keep them. You want them to come back to make future purchases. You also want them to tell others about the wonderful business you operate. Unfortunately, many business practices actually push customers away. This will ruin the relationship and they will never purchase from you again.

A business can’t thrive on new customers only. You need a mix of them along with loyal customers who are eager to buy from you again. Depending on the product or service, they may need to buy the same again down the road. In other scenarios, they are ready to buy additional products or services you may launch in the future.

Creating and maintaining strong relationships with your customers is very important to your future success. There is no cutting corners to this; you have to put forth the effort. You have to show them you value them! Here are some excellent ways to ensure you are doing just that!


You can’t keep your customers happy if you don’t communicate with them. They need to know you hear them and you appreciate them. A common mistake is too much marketing. Instead, share information and listen to their feedback. Answer questions and find solutions to the problems they talk about. When you have a solution to those problems, they will remember it.

Your employees are an extension of you, and how they represent your business matters. Make sure you carefully select the type of people that you would like have working for you. Make sure they have the right training and tools to efficiently take care of your customers. Voicemails and emails should be returned as soon as possible, but always in less than 24 hours.

Quality control should be in place to monitor calls, emails, and other correspondence between your employees and your customers. By doing so, you can find out who is doing well and who needs some additional training. Corrective action should be taken for any employees who continue to fail to effectively communicate with your customers. They may not be a good fit for your business.

Offer them more than they Expected

Consumers can be demanding, but they have a right to expect a good return on their investment. When your business offers them more than they expected, you are creating very loyal customer right there. They are going to share their story on social media and with people they talk to. This is free marketing for your business you can benefit it from.


There is a wealth of information from consumers about what you are doing well and what is lacking. As for their feedback and it will help you to make some good moves in the right direction. Look for information from several customers that is the same. These are the key areas you need to make a priority to work on.

Stay Connected

Make sure your business name stays on their minds! Your marketing should be diversified so you can reach them through various platforms. If they opt in, send them emails on a regular basis. Some of them can have discounts or special offers to thank them for being a customer. Your online presence is important, even if you operate a brick and mortar business.


Consider some type of loyalty program with incentives. This can help the consumer to save money on future purchases. They can earn points for purchases and for referring others to you. Make sure the rewards for them are worth the time they put into it!

Items to Show Appreciation

Consider items to help you brand your business and to show appreciation. They don’t have to be expensive, but they should have your business name and logo on them. Such items can include:

  • Hats
  • Jackets
  • Keychains
  • Notepads
  • Pens
  • Shirts