Consider Visiting Dr. Anthony Marsh for Digestive Concerns

The digestive system is very complex, and it plays a vital role in how you feel. Many people struggle with digestive issues. This can cause them to experience gas, pain, bloating, and it can prevent the body from gaining proper nutrients from what you consume. Even when you make changes to your lifestyle, including diet, it may not be enough to get positive results.

As food moves through the digestive system, there are plenty of elements in motion. The process helps your body to gain vital nutrients and vitamins from what you consume. At the same time, it can remove the toxins that would be harmful to your body. When your digestive system isn’t working correctly, it can make a person feel sluggish and tired. It can also affect how you feel both physically and mentally.

Taking action to help get your digestive concerns under control is very important. There can be various underlying reasons for it, but seeing Dr. Anthony Marsh chiropractor for care can help you to get it back on track. It is certainly worth taking a look at closely if you suffer with ongoing issues relating to your digestive system.

What is Causing it?

While your doctor may be trying to figure out what is causing your digestive system concerns, there are many different possibilities. It can take time for them to figure it out. In the meantime, Anthony Marsh DC can help you reduce problems and to avoid unnecessary suffering along the way. You may have one of several health issues including:

  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Diverticulitis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Ulcerative Colitis

With any of these concerns, either the large or small intestine has been irritated. A flare up can create plenty of havoc within your body. The symptoms can be very severe and they can come on fast. In other scenarios, the issue is chronic, and the symptoms are going to linger all the time. While they may not be as severe, it is tough to go about your daily life with this type of digestive  problem lurking over you.

Inflammation in the digestive tract may be the result of some form of food allergy. It can make it hard to use the bathroom for days at a time. In other scenarios, a person may need the bathroom urgently and they are always worried about getting to one in time. The pain in the abdomen can make it hard to focus and hard to sleep.

Anyone can Struggle

While many digestive system issues develop for those over the age of 50, anyone can struggle. Statistically, males are more likely to have such concerns than females. However, both genders and people from all age groups can struggle with proper digestion. It can be genetic, due to lifestyle habits, or due to an underlying health issue.

Your doctor can help with assessing the symptoms and finding the right diagnosis. They can help you to take care of your body and present some lifestyle changes they feel will help you. Sometimes, taking medication to aid with digestion is going to be required. Eating more fiber and reducing the intake of sugar can help may with digestive issues.

Seeing Dr. Anthony Marsh medical doctor can be a great way to also help reduce digestive health concerns. This can reduce inflammation which leads to the other symptoms. It can also promote healing from the inside out. When the spine isn’t lined up like it should be, this can be preventing your body from successfully digesting the food you consume.

Spinal manipulation by Anthony Marsh DO can help you to get the digestive system flowing like it should again. You will need regular appointments to continue to gain those benefits. Many clients can feel the difference after only one or two visits and it does help them gain a new quality of life!